Robert Wetzlmayr is a software developer and contributor to the open-source community.

He is best known for his contributions to the Textpattern CMS project. He has worked on various aspects of the Textpattern project, including developing new features, fixing bugs, and improving performance.

In addition to his software development work, Wetzlmayr has a passion for photography and regularly shares his photos.

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WordPress shortcodes from the plugin programmer's point of view

One of the innovations in WordPress 2.5 that remains rather inconspicuous compared to the equally acclaimed and spontaneously rejected administration interface is the Shortcode API. With this, WordPress has introduced a procedure, familiar from other CMSs, that allows authors to access complex functions directly from the body of a post using a simple “shortcode”. To do this, simply enter the desired function in the text, enclosed in square brackets.

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WordPress - The Most Widely Used Blogging Software

WordPress is likely the most widely used software for weblogs on this planet. It’s a good enough reason to discuss geek topics instead of holiday plans, soccer championships, or “who’s with whom and when” during small talk at the next party.

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