wet_linkinfo: Textpattern plugin to extract a managed link's properties

wet_linkinfo is a plugin for Textpattern which takes a link id number and returns either the results of parsing a form passed by attribute, parsing the contained text, or one of these assigned properties:

  • date
  • category
  • url
  • linkname
  • linksort
  • description


<txp:wet_linkinfo id="2" />

  • or -

<txp:wet_linkinfo id="2">...other contained tags and text...</txp:wet_linkinfo>

Required attributes

attribute description default
id The link’s numerical id as listed in the links page. None.

Optional attributes

attribute description default
type Either “date”, “category”, “url”, “linkname”, “linksort”, or “description”. "url"
escape Replace special characters with their HTML entities. Empty.
form A form’s name which will be parsed to produce the tag’s output. The form can contain any text, HTML elements, or Textpattern tags, and will produce reasonable results when one of these tags is encountered: txp:link, txp:link_category, txp:link_date, txp:linkdesctitle, txp:link_name, txp:link_url, txp:link_description Empty.

Sample use

tag function
<txp:wet_linkinfo id="3" type="url" /> Return a link’s URL
<txp:wet_linkinfo id="3" type="description" escape="html" /> Return a link’s description and replace special characters with HTML entities.
<txp:wet_linkinfo id="3" form="mylinkinfo" /> Return the result of parsing the form named “mylinkinfo”. Create a form of type link and put something useful in it.
<txp:wet_linkinfo id="3"><txp:link /><br /><txp:link_date /></txp:wet_linkinfo> Return a link and its creation date, separated by a line break.


This plug-in is released under the Gnu General Public Licence.


Get it here: Code Is Pottery − Robert Wetzlmayr.

Resources and Relateds

Express your suggestions, report bugs and discuss enhancements in this Textpattern forum thread.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2007-05-10 0.1 Initial release
2007-05-25 0.2 Add form attribute and container ability
Written on May 10, 2007