wet_slimpattern: Integrating SlimStat into Textpattern

wet_slimpattern is a plugin which integrates Textpattern with SlimStat, an open source web statistics package developed by Stephen Wettone.

The Traditional Approach

Typically, the integration of SlimStat into Textpattern is accomplished by modifying the index.php file in the root folder of your Textpattern installation to include a call to the hit-logging code provided by SlimStat. This is straightforward and works as it should, but it requires modifying a file that is part of the Textpattern distribution. This small modification could cause issues during upgrades and needs to be tracked.

The textpatterned way of doing things

As an alternative way to integrate the two packages, wet_slimpattern provides a convenient approach. Using a plugin-based method, no modifications to Textpattern’s core code are required – you simply upload this plugin through the usual plugin administration interface. Additionally, you can toggle statistics logging by simply enabling or disabling this plugin. No need to edit index.php anymore.


wet_slimpattern assumes that you have previously installed SlimStat successfully. You can omit the final step of SlimStat’s installation which would direct you to include the hit logging code inc.stats.php somewhere into your pages.

Instead, install wet_slimpattern and enable it. Logging should start immediately whenever your website attracts visitors. If you chose to install SlimStat into a different folder that the default /slimstat/ you will need to edit this plugin in Textpattern’s plugin administration screen and change the line reading

$statslogger = "/slimstat/inc.stats.php";

to reflect the actual path you chose.

The list of ignored URLs and query strings is kept in a regular expression just at the head of the plugin code. By default, all feed URLs are exluded from logging. Expand to your liking…

$ignore = '/\\/&|^\\/rss\\/|^\\/rss$|^\\/atom\\/|\[...\];


This plugin is released under the Gnu General Public Licence.


Get it here: Code Is Pottery − Robert Wetzlmayr.

Resources and Relateds

Express your suggestions, report bugs and discuss enhancements in this thread in the Textpattern forum.

Change log

Date Version Notes
2005-12-26 0.1 Initial release
2006-07-05 0.3 Customizable filter for URLs and query strings
2007-03-01 0.4 URL and query string filter employs regular expressions
2007-03-02 0.4.1 Fix brainless typo…
Written on December 26, 2005